Here’s how we can help:


Family Law

One of our areas of focus is family law. We provide certain family law services in a cost- and time-efficient way. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, and marriage agreements

    • We prepare these agreements, and provide independent legal advice for you on agreements prepared by another lawyer. Click above to learn more about why you need these agreements.

  • uncontested divorces (also known as ‘desk order divorces’)

    • Even if you and your ex have settled everything, that last step of actually getting your divorce from the court can be trickier than you expect, particularly if you have children. Let us handle it.

  • advice on parenting, support, property division, and other family law issues

    • You need to know where you stand. Let us explain your rights, responsibilities, and options going forward.


Estate and Elder Planning

There are a few documents that everyone needs to have, to plan for old age, and to provide for those you care about when you are no longer around to do so. Click below to learn more about each one, and then get in touch when you are ready to have your documents prepared.


Litigation Assistance, or ‘Unbundled’ Services

Most people can’t afford a lawyer to do everything for them. Fortunately, many are capable of handling part of the legal process themselves, with a lawyer providing advice and assistance as needed. Click below to learn more about the options.



Appeals are a highly specialized area of courtroom work. We do not recommend pursuing an appeal without hiring a lawyer.

If you have received a court decision you think is wrong, come and see us for an opinion on whether you should appeal, and then consider retaining us to handle the appeal in court if you decide to go ahead with it.

If you are considering an appeal, contact us quickly after you receive the decision. Deadlines for filing appeals are usually very short.