The Firm

We are a small law firm in Kelowna, British Columbia, focussed on doing a great job at a limited number of legal services.

Our passion is helping our clients solve problems in a way that is affordable, fair, and transparent.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient, cost-effective services, in a friendly and informal atmosphere. It’s the 21st century, even for lawyers, and we act like it.

We don’t have fancy offices. We don’t wear suits unless we absolutely have to.

We take our work seriously - not ourselves.


Our Fees 

Whenever possible, we offer our services on a fixed-fee basis. This means that we tell you when you first retain us the total amount you need to pay. We offer as many services as possible this way because we know the value of certainty, predictability, fairness - and money!

Sometimes, we cannot offer the service you require on a fixed-fee basis. Usually, this is because your services might take a lot of time and work, but might only take a little - so a fixed fee arrangement might be unfair to you or us. Most litigation work is like this. When this happens, we will tell you up front, and we will offer an alternative - but equally fair and transparent - fee arrangement, based on the time we ultimately spend on your services.


Our People

F. Scott Murray

Lawyer in Kelowna, British Columbia


Scott is a native British Columbian, hailing originally from Victoria. He cut his legal teeth under the big-city lights of Vancouver, and moved to the Okanagan (with no regrets) in early 2015. Scott has worked in the areas of general litigation (appearing in the Provincial Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal of British Columbia), dispute resolution, family law, estate planning, and more.

With SMC, Scott is practicing law exactly how he wants to, and, he hopes, making a contribution to moving the legal profession where it needs to be to stay relevant to the lives of ordinary people.

Scott is the Chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s Family Law section in the Okanagan, which is a great way to get to know and stay in touch with his legal peers. Scott also sits on the Board of Directors of the United Way of the Central and South Okanagan Similkameen, and finds this work a rewarding way of giving back to a community that has welcomed him with open arms since he moved to Kelowna.

At home, Scott enjoys playing with his impractical British cars, cooking a limited variety of cuisines poorly, and sipping Scotch so peaty that it tastes like dirt to everyone else.  Before his legal career, Scott obtained two degrees in history, and he keeps up this interest in areas as diverse as the Napoleonic-era Royal Navy and the environmental history of the Pacific coast of North America. Since moving to the Okanagan, Scott has made a point of being sure to enjoy all the fruits - both literal and figurative - that it has to offer.

Lynnet Resh, Legal Assistant

Scott’s intrepid assistant Lynnet is a woman of many talents. Choosing a few at random, she is a Red Seal chef, a raconteuse, and a mistress of pleadings. Scott and Lynnet first worked together in what seems like another lifetime, and are thrilled to be reunited at SMC these many years later.

Scott’s favourite and least-favourite thing about working with Lynnet is that she has no problem sharing her opinions as to what he should be doing on his files. Much to his chagrin, she is usually right.

Nelson, Firm Dog

Little Nelson is a Dachshund - Jack Russell - Pomeranian mix. He has a brilliant legal mind and his favourite toy is a stuffed dragon.